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The Golden Rule Of SEO

More than a decade has passed when people used to stuff their websites with hundreds or thousands repetitions of one or two keywords to boost the rankings of their website. It was not long before the anti-spam team of Google found out about this practice, started removing those sites from their index, and implemented new sets of algorithms (set of rules), which determined the popularity and page rank of websites. The search engine giants have since then implemented many other algorithms, which are a boon for well designed and properly search engine optimized websites, and a bane for individuals attempting blackhat tactics to boost the SERP of their online portal.

Creating an SEO friendly site
Designing an SEO friendly website is quite tough and best left to professionals. It starts with the HTML and CSS coding, to create a responsive design website that renders perfectly on all types of display devices. This is important as more than 75% individuals nowadays depend on their smartphones to surf the net and purchase their requirements. If your website does not display properly on their screen, they will browse over to your competitor’s website. Apart from this, the design of the landing page should be such that it downloads quickly even on a slow internet connection. This means eliminating huge image files and movies from it.

Importance of keywords and key phrases
Choosing appropriate keywords for your website helps potential clients find it faster when searching for specific keywords. Therefore, your site should contain several different synonyms for each keyword. You might be promoting the best garments, but your potential client is searching for clothes. Including the name of your city/ town boosts the popularity of your website for local searches. Using descriptive and accurate key phrases such as pink party frock New York also boosts the ranking of your online shop.

Backlinks and quality content
Creating inbound links from blogs of other websites that are of the same niche as yours and have a higher ranking than that of yours also enhances the ranking of your website. You can achieve this goal by writing guest posts on their blog and include backlinks to your website. No webmaster will mind if you write interesting and quality blog posts. You should also include a blog on your website and update it regularly with rich and relevant content about the services and products you promote through your site. The agency you hired to optimize our website will gladly do this job for an additional amount.

Monetize your website
You can earn additional money from your website by becoming an affiliate of different programs. You will receive a commission whenever someone purchases programs through the link on your website containing a unique referral code. Start with a good affiliate program like the 67 steps by Tai Lopez. You can find out more about it on this homepage.