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Using SEO Metrics

The success of your website depends on several factors. Most websites still receive more than 90% of their traffic from the search engines so you have to pay attention to the search engine optimization. There can be many reasons why the performance of your website is going down. How can you know your website is performing successfully in the search engines? There are several metrics that you have to monitor daily or weekly to know this information. Tackle the problems in time or your website ranking will drop quickly. Check the performance of your website on several metrics.

Changes in Your Organic Traffic
Getting organic traffic from search engines is one of the main goals of any SEO project. Even if you have achieved a higher ranking, are you getting the desired level of organic traffic? If this traffic is going down, investigate immediately what is going wrong. Knowing the problem and the reasons that are causing it will help you solve the issue. You should also investigate when you see your website’s organic traffic going up. You have to know what is going right so you can improve on it and apply it across your website.

Returning Users
If you can know the number of returning users, it will give you an idea about the value and effectiveness of your website contents. You will know how engaging your website content is for your website visitors. Returning visitors give you the traffic that increases your website’s visibility. It will increase your website ranking in search engines.

The Source of Visitors
Which source is sending the largest number of visitors to your website? Visitors to websites come from search engines, referral links, and direct visits. You can take action if you find your search engine traffic is falling. Just getting visitors is not sufficient; you have to know the market share of the visitors. How many visitors coming from a particular source are converting? You can prepare your online marketing campaign that targets high-value sources.

Traffic Conversion
So you are receiving lots of traffic, but are you able to convert this traffic? It is not very useful if the visitors just visit your website but do not convert into customers or clients. Set your conversion goals and check regularly if you are achieving these goals.

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